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Established In 2007

MAGIC is a manufacturer in Taiwan, was founded in the year 2007 with only 5 employees. Our core business is in chrome plating and polishing, we also can provide the turn-key solution from concept to final finish goods. We are a company seeking to offer top quality and service in the market. In the past year, we were proven by our numerous customers with award for the best supplier in quality, performances and improvement.


Full Services

We provide the design and OEM services. No matter small lot products or diverse products, all we can do. We produce a wide kind of metals, from simple to complex designs, such as auto parts, motorcycle parts & bicycle parts, even creative stationery.

Pursue Progressive Engineering Technology

Our systematized manufacturing capabilities and process control extend every step of the way from tooling design, metal fabrication, forging, die casting, CNC machining, polishing, chrome plating, multi-color coating & anodizing, assembly into packaging. We ensure the production of high-quality products and the prompt delivery.

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How to ensure our quality?

3D printer


Salt Spray Tester

Thickness Tester

Batch Oven

Band Saw

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